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Feel Amazing

What is it like for you when your body feels light and open, your breath feels free and your energy is flowing?
This is what BreathYoga is all about.

What is BreathYoga?

BreathYoga = Yoga + Breathwork

BreathYoga is yoga specifically designed to open the breathing. It takes breathwork and yoga to a new level.


By using the principles of Release, Strengthen and Energize, you will experience ease and freedom in your breath and energy. It supports healing, performance enhancement and spiritual insight.

How does it work?

BreathYoga uses four physical principles which directly impact breathing and energy flow. Four breathwork practices are also used in every session to open the body from the inside out. Practice is adapted to the individual and his or her level of fitness.

No matter who you are and where you are at, whether you have Covid breathing problems, never done yoga, or even advanced yogis who want handstands and pure energy flow, BreathYoga will open your breath energy and help you to feel amazing.

Read more about the 8 BreathYoga principles

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Covid-19 Breathing Recovery Course

Free 75-Minute Course to Restore Energy and Lung Function

Breathe to Heal

Online Course

Learn the Practice of Resonant Frequency Breathing

BreathYoga and BreathWork Classes and Privates in Osaka, Japan

Spirit Yoga Osaka

BreathYoga on Sundays 14:30 at Spirit Yoga Osaka, Temma

FreeStyle Move

BreathYoga on Wednesdays 18:30 and Saturday at 10AM at FreeStyle Move Chayamachi


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