Breathe to Energize

Breath Suspension for Health, Energy and Meditation

Discover how you can consciously affect oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the precise ways which will boost your physical vitality through the roof. These are both the secrets of 2,500 years of yogic mind and body control and the elite methods of the world's top athletes.


This course will guide you through pleasurable and progressive challenge levels as we safely work up to a two minute breath hold and then apply it into meditative practice for realization of the Self.


Measurably Influence Your Health For the Better In Just Minutes a Day

There have been hundreds of scientific studies on intermittent hypoxia showing how in just minutes a day, this breath practice:

  • Raise levels of red blood cells and EPO

  • Increases oxygen transfer

  • Boost your immune system

  • Balance your nervous system

  • Bring a sense of calm and wellbeing while being filled with energy

What you will learn in this X hour course

  • Shifting your unconscious breathing to automatically support your health when you are not paying attention to it

  • How to breathe the easiest, fullest most energizing breath in your life using naturally occurring physiological movement patterns

  • Exhaling out feelings of stuckness and heaviness

  • Guided and safe breath holding technique

  • Guided practice of specific researched protocols to boost athletic performance

Traditional yoga breath suspension and meditation

Bonus! The 'Physiological Sighs' - powerful, evidence-based method of deep physiological release and relaxation.

Do you practice the Wim Hof Method?


'Breathe to Energize' will supercharge your existing breathwork and pranayama practices. No matter what method of breathwork you do, after taking this course, you'll be able to connect the dots, understand what is happening inside your body and be able to take your practice further. If you have a conscious breathwork practice already, Breathe Energy will help you to know exactly how these practices work and how you can take the whole experience much deeper.


  • Commit to a 10 minute breathing practice once a day for the next 2 weeks

Recommended to Have

We recommend that you have an oximeter- an affordable and easy to find device used to measure blood oxygen levels. It is used with one exercise in this course but is not required to benefit from the course overall.

Resonant Frequency Breathing or 'Coherent Breathing', is a simple yet powerful system of breathwork with powerful benefits for your health and wellbeing. When you apply your breath in a certain frequency, you can entrain the blood pressure, heart rate variability, and brain waves to synchronize and flow together in a smooth, pleasant, and highly beneficial pattern.

This course gives you both a praxis which blends yoga and meditation technique with highly motivating, knowledge of the latest scientific research.

A daily practice that feels amazing (and anyone can do)
Laying down or sitting anywhere you happen to be- even on your daily commute - you stick in your headphones, press play, close your eyes and simply breathe with a relaxing audio guide using the sounds of bells to pace your breathing. As you practice, you get better at relaxing 6 key areas in your body as you exhale, thus deepening the benefits. After only a few minutes, you will drift into an awake, clear state of consciousness, and start to feel the pulsations of blood and the movements of your heart. Many people can identify when the nervous system switches on its healing function.


Who is this course for?

You might be someone who:

has heard about breathing practices and want a place to start

want a holistic way to lower high blood pressure and improve your health

teaches yoga or other mind-body practices and want to level up your skill and knowledge

A practitioner who wants to add a highly effective method of breathing which is evidence-based.


====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

At the core of this course is a practice of lowering your oxygen levels while boosting your tolerance for carbon dioxide that has a ton of clinical research on it. You will learn the results of these studies, summarized in a way that is motivating and easy to understand. I bring in yogic understandings of body and mind, techniques, and practices that amplify the effects of this practice in a measurable way- practices which I have discovered over the past 25 years and not put together in any one place as they are here in this course.  Whether you are totally new to conscious breathing and body-mind practices or a life-long experienced practitioner like me, you will get value from this beautiful practice.

As you progress through the seven modules of this course, you will learn the science of breath holding and how it improves health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you will gain knowledge, deepen your self-awareness, and feel amazing.



Course Content

  • Unconscious respiration habits (usually breathing too much) and how to fix them

  • Stress-breathing loop

  • The Bohr effect

  • The posture and breath connection- the three diaphragms

  • Exhaling and letting go of stuck emotions

  • 3 different types of breath holds and why it matters

  • Holding your breath for longer

  • Boosting red blood cell count for athletic performance

  • Yogic history and philosophy of breath holding

  • Meditation and breath suspension

  • The Shambhavi Mudra

    Included in this course are several practice gems that are part of the go-to techniques I use to help people heal and open their breathing power: 

  • Ocean Breathing for Diaphragm Strength

  • Pear-Cone-Wave Breathing for Optimal Breathing

  • Six Bridges Technique for Relaxation Mastery

  • The Salamander Technique for Instant Relaxation Response

    At each stage of the program, there will be a practice session that incorporates these practices step by step. By the end of this course, you will have an advanced breathing practice and a new relationship with your body and mind. You will learn how to talk directly to your nervous system and have it respond as you breathe.

Upon successful completion, you'll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF)

Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you'll have lifetime access to it! Enjoy this journey!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Access


Who this course is for:

You want to understand yourself, your body more and improve your health and sense of wellbeing

Those interested in peak performance

Breathworkers and yoga teachers who want further training and career development