Learn How to
Breathe to Heal

A Certificate Course on Resonant Frequency Breathing

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Now the Highest Rated Breathing Course on Udemy!

Learn how to Naturally Heal Anxiety, Depression, and Improve Health, Simply Using Your Breath.

What is Resonant Frequency Breathing?


Resonant Frequency Breathing is a simple yet powerful system of breathing in a particular frequency which has powerful benefits for your health and wellbeing.


Resonant Frequency Breathing brings us into a biological state known as "resonance". When we are in resonance, the heart speeds just in time with your inhalation and slows in time with your exhalation. This means better oxygenation of your blood. It also means that your blood pressure will become more responsive, falling into a healthy rhythm.  When practiced for 20 minutes a day, twice a day for several weeks or longer, the body can undergo many levels of healing both physical and emotional. 

Watch, Learn, and Practice

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In just minutes a day, this practice:

This course gives you both a practice which blends yoga and meditation technique with the latest, highly motivating scientific research.

​A daily practice that feels amazing
(and anyone can do)

Anywhere you happen to be- even on your daily commute. Take a moment to close your eyes, listen to a recording, and match your breath with the sounds of bells to pace your breathing. As you practice, you get better at relaxing six key areas in your body as you exhale, thus deepening the benefits. After only a few minutes, you will drift into an awake, clear state of consciousness, and start to feel the pulsations of blood and the movements of your heart. Many people can identify when the nervous system switches on its healing function.

Who is this course for?

You might be someone who:

  • has heard about breathing practices and want a place to start

  • want a holistic way to lower high blood pressure and improve your health

  • teaches yoga or other mind-body practices and want to level up your skill and knowledge

  • A practitioner who wants to add a highly effective method of breathing which is evidence based.

Share with others

As you go through this course you will undoubtedly think of a person in your life who can benefit from Resonant Frequency Breathing. This person may be suffering with high stress, high anxiety or one of the health conditions such as high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis or others. After completing this course you will have the knowledge you need to share this practice teaching others how to add this beautiful, simple practice into their life.

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What to Expect

At the core of this course is a practice of breathing that has a ton of clinical research on it. You will learn the results of these studies, summarized in a way that is motivating and easy to understand.

I bring in 25 years of experience teaching yoga, giving you practices which will amplify the effects of Resonant Frequency Breathing in a measurable way.  Whether you are totally new to conscious breathing and body-mind practices or a life-long experienced practitioner like me, you will get value from this beautiful practice. Resonant Frequency Breathing will dovetail into existing practices of coaching, therapy, yoga, Reiki practitioners, meditation, sports, and more.

Through the six modules of this course, you will be learning the science of Resonant Frequency and how it improves health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you will gain knowledge, deepen your self-awareness, and be able to share this powerful technique with others. There are people in your life who you know right now that need this practice!

I've been following Adrian for years as I think he one of the very best western Yogis and has truly synthesized the teaching of many great living yogis and modern science. Since taking this course I use these breathing techniques as a gateway into meditation and find them better than the old just belly breath I did before. There is a lot of good information presented clearly and simply although the uses to manage stress and improve health are profound."

Jerry Barclay

Course Content

You will have lifetime access to the course with free updates.

Resonant Frequency Breathing 101

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Learn about Resonant Frequency, how it works, how to find yours and how to practice

Breath, Heart and Blood Pressure

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Learn how breathing, heart, heart rate variability and blood pressure connect

The Mind-Body Connection

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Learn about the effects of stress, the mind-body connection, how to breathe with your diaphragm, and how to do Ocean Breathing.

Expanding Your Practice

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Measure your progress and continue your practice

Balancing Your Nervous System

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Stress and inflammation, the Vagus nerve, the relaxation response. Learn the Six Bridges Relaxation Technique and the Salamander Technique.


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Bonus Learning

Included in this course are several practice gems that are part of the go-to techniques I use to help people heal and open their breathing power: 


  • Ocean Breathing for Diaphragm Strength

  • Pear-Cone-Wave Breathing for Optimal Breathing

  • Six Bridges Technique for Relaxation Mastery

  • The Salamander Technique for Instant Relaxation Response

Course Testimonials

  • "I, {Mick) have been fortunate enough in my time with yoga to take some amazing workshops, retreats, and training with many teachers. This guy Adrian Cox is amongst the very best. I have thought a lot about what he does that is different. He manages to take these teachings to another level. Not many teachers can give us practical experiences of the mind and how we view the world as a result of our projections and mind stuff. His creativity in creating these experiences through individual and partner exercises is profound." - Mick Barnes, Owner Yoga Factory Sydney

  • "Although I have studied several breathing techniques intensively over last 25 years, I was delighted with this course and re-inspired about breathing techniques ,so much so that I immediately sent links to this course out to many of my own students and even to my family members. Masterly taught by Adrian." -Paddy McGrath, Dancing Spine Yoga

  • "Great course on resonant frequency breathing- easy to follow, clear and effective. Adrian is not only a confident and experienced guide, he makes sure we understand why we are doing what we are doing. Thank you!" - Marisa Cranfill, Yoqi Yoga and QiGong

  • I have been a student of this topic for quiet a long time, and Adrian Cox transfers his profound knowledge of Breathwork in a clear, interesting and easy-to-understand style. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. The flow of the course offers a structured pathway with excellent graphics and easy to follow exercises. This course is the perfect training course for anyone who is interested in this fascinating topic" - Dermot Ryan, Dermot Ryan Yoga