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Breathe to Energize

Learn the Secrets of Breath Suspension for Health, Performance, and Meditation.


In under ten minutes, just three rounds of this simple breathwork practice bring measurable health and performance benefits. It will take you to profound healing states of mind and body that could change your life.


  • Boost energy levels, performance, and exercise endurance

  • Reset your day to day respiration patterns to healthier levels

  • Instantly experience deep meditation for clarity, the release of stress, and personal change


Integrating Sports Science and Yoga

It has been known for over 50 years that athletes who train at high elevations where the oxygen levels are thin experience serious performance gains due to the changes in red blood cell levels. This principle has been exploited in doping which leads to the insane cycling performance of Lance Armstrong winning the arduous Tour de France competition 8 years in a row. Yet by learning to comfortably suspend your own breath and dropping your blood oxygen levels intentionally, you too can stimulate the production of red blood cells in your body within hours, giving you the ability to exercise longer and with more energy.


This course also looks at what breath practice and breath suspension have been used for in the earliest inception of yoga over 2500 years ago. By knowing the perspective and philosophy at work of the ancient yogis, you will discover your ability to silence your thoughts and master your body and mind.

I have been a student of this topic for quite a long time, and Adrian Cox transfers his profound knowledge of Breathwork in a clear, interesting, and easy-to-understand style. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. The flow offers a structured pathway with excellent graphics and easy-to-follow exercises. This is the perfect training for anyone interested in this fascinating topic." 

​Enter Deep Meditation

It was discovered 2500 years ago that by suspending the breathing, one can easily stop the flow of thought, leading to a state of clear meditation. In this course you will learn the ancient Tantric technique of 'Shambhavi Mudra Meditation' a combination of intentional shifts in physiology and attitude which is said to "lead to perception of the highest reality"

Connected Breathing, Breath Suspension, and Meditation


Begin with connected breathing- healing pranayama that stimulates nerve activity and lowers carbon dioxide

Show video of exhaling and closing eyes

Rest in a state of breath suspension practicing progressive bodily relaxation in 6 key zones of the body

Show picture or video of defocused eyes and…

Allow eyes to defocus, the roof of the mouth to dome, and focus attention within as you enter the mystic state of Shambhavi Mudra Meditation

Do you practice the Wim Hof Method or other forms of Connected Breathwork?

If so, you will recognize some of what 'Breathe Energy' uses- connected breathwork and conscious breath holding are part of a few systems of breathwork. What you learn in this course will take you deeper, help you connect the dots and supercharge your practices. If you have a conscious breathwork practice already, Breathe Energy will help you to know exactly how these practices work and how you can take the whole experience much deeper.

Although I have studied several breathing techniques intensively over the last 25 years, I was delighted with this course and reinspired about breathing techniques ,so much so that I immediately sent links to this course out to many of my own students and even to my family members. Masterly taught by Adrian." 

Measurably Influence Your Health For the Better In Just Minutes a Day

There have been hundreds of scientific studies showing how entering a therapeutic zone of breath suspension, your body will automatically begin to generate erythropoietin which in turn stimulates red blood cell production as well as a number of other effects, including:




  • Bring a sense of calm and wellbeing while being filled with energy

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What to Expect

At the core of this course is a practice of breathing that has a ton of clinical research on it. You will learn the results of these studies, summarized in a way that is motivating and easy to understand.

I bring in 25 years of experience teaching yoga, conscious breathing and meditation, giving you practices which will amplify the effects of these breathing practices in a measurable way.  Whether you are totally new to conscious breathing and body-mind practices or a life-long experienced practitioner like me, you will get value from this beautiful practice. 

Through the X modules of this course, you will be learning the science of Resonant Frequency and how it improves health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you will gain knowledge, deepen your self-awareness, and be able to share this powerful technique with others. There are people in your life who you know right now that need this practice!

From my heart I needed this course ❤️ thank you sooo much for everything you’re an amazing teacher and healer! I love to continue with your studies ... from my heart I want more people to start to learn about meditation and mindset and breathing exercises... I wish you all the best in love! Blessed be!" 


Great course on resonant frequency breathing- easy to follow, clear and effective. Adrian is not only a confident and experienced guide, he makes sure we understand why we are doing what we are doing. Thank you!" - Marisa Cranfill YOQI


"Learning all about resonant frequency breathing with Adrian Cox over the last few days - really good stuff, whether we practice yoga or not. Breathwork is gaining a lot of popularity and attention these days, being taken out of the classical pranayama box as more is understood about its benefits. Learning new things, new tools, expanding on what I know and connecting the dots. There is so much we can incorporate into our own practices. This is definitely one of them. If you know Adrian, he is doing what he does best, teaching. This is his first online course, and I'm looking forward to more! Highly recommended!" - Tonia Cheng



"I've been following Adrian for years as I think he one of the very best western Yogis and has truly synthesized the teaching of many great living yogis and modern science. Since taking this course I use these breathing techniques as a gateway into meditation and find them better than the old just belly breath I did before. There is a lot of good information presented clearly and simply although the uses to manage stress and improve health are profound." - Jerry Barclay



"Adrian is a master at understanding how to maximize the breath to bring balance to the whole system. If you're looking to learn how to bring some skills to your clients, or to up your own skills, this is a fantastic course." -Mary Noble

Course Content

Breathing Less

Black and White Star in Circle

Exercises in this course will train your sensitivity to carbon dioxide, which will automatically shift (for the better) the way you respire when you're not paying attention to it. This brings better nervous system balance and you'll become healthier and calmer as a way of being.

The Breath Suspension 

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How to rest comfortably in a state without breathing, what is called Kevalya Kumbhaka in yoga.​​

Easier Breath & Better Alignment

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In this module, you'll use exercises and animated images to help you breathe three-dimensionally and thereby help you breathe with clarity and ease.


Energy Levels & Athletic Performance

Black and White Star in Circle

Learn the science of how breath suspension affects the body and the specific protocols used in scientific studies to improve sports performance

Connected Breathwork

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Shift your attitude and exhale to release pent up stress and areas of stuckness in your mind and body

Shambhavi Mudra Meditation

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Explore the mindset of the earliest Indian yogis of 2,500 years ago and experience a beautiful meditation practice that can change your perspective in deep and meaningful ways.

Bonus Technique: 'Physiological Sighs'

A powerful, evidence-based tool for deep physiological release and relaxation.

You will have lifetime access to the course with free updates.