Do your emotions get the better of you?

I am an emotional guy. I feel deeply and as a result, my emotions used to be overwhelming. Sometimes my emotions lead me to act or hold back from actions that I later regretted.

Are you like that?

The world is crazy right now. Billions of people are losing their jobs due to Covid-19. With the world as crazy as it is lately, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and fearful. The thing is, negative emotions over time WILL trigger inflammation which causes damage to health. It is also a place of lessened creative power and choice. If you want to stay healthy, happier, and navigate to better opportunities you MUST learn to master your emotions.

What works for me is conscious breathing and yoga. It gives a window to see thoughts and emotions before they take over the show.

I will be speaking about how breath interacts with emotions on an upcoming free, online summit. (it starts in three days!) It is the creation of master hypnotherapist, Karsten Küstner who has brought me and 20 other experts who have found their own approach to mastering emotions and being a force for good in this world. Several of these experts I have worked with directly and gone on to become friends with so I can really vouch for the skill in this group of people.

It is a totally free online summit called "Mastering Emotions For Good". I really hope to see you there because this IS going to be good!

Register here

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About the author Adrian Cox, Founder & CEO of BreathYoga & Yoga Elements


Adrian Cox has been teaching yoga and breathwork globally since 1999. He is the founder of Yoga Elements, one of the first yoga centers in Thailand and during it’s 18 years of operation, it garnered a highly esteemed reputation for quality. It was described as “Easily Bangkok’s best studio” by Travel and Leisure (25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World) and as “Bangkok’s most inspiring place to study yoga” by Bangkok Post (reader choice awards).

Adrian teaches workshops, and trainings worldwide, and was featured at the Yoga Journal conferences in Moscow and Bangkok in 2008, 2009, and 2010. He is a certified Rebirthing Breathwork teacher, an E-RYT certified yoga teacher trainer as well a multi-certified certified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist.

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