BreathYoga = Yoga + Breathwork

For maximum breath freedom and energy flow


BreathYoga is yoga to help you achieve full freedom in your breath and energy flow. The aim is to bring on a state of "breathing release". It is the opposite of breathing restriction- an experience of breathing with total ease, pleasure and joy. Only once you have experienced the breathing release you will realize how restricted your breath was before the release.

Our breathing can become restricted due to poor posture and emotional patterns. We might block the flow of our inhale because of subconscious programming that we are "not good enough", or restrict the exhale because we are unnecessarily holding on to resentments, hurts and anger. Poor breathing plus negative states of emotions are intricately linked with chronic inflammation and disease.

8 Principles of BreathYoga

The solution for restricted breathing is conscious connected breathing and a body which allows a full breath. BreathYoga targets tight and weak muscle chains which happen when people have bad posture and breathe poorly. This allows more physical room inside the chest for the lungs to expand into.

Each BreathYoga practice combines 4 physical principles and 4 breathwork techniques. They can be approached with the most gentle, simple yoga asana or applied in an advanced practice. By incorporating these principles into a yoga practice, the breathing improves and a sense of lightness ensues.The result is being able to breathe fully and with total freedom, bringing lightness, optimism and energy as well as many health benefits.

The Four Body
Principles of BreathYoga


Energize and Balance
the Core Line


Release the
Neck and Shoulders

side line 3.png

Tone and Align

the Side Line


Open the 
Ribcage and Chest

The Four Breathwork Practices of BreathYoga

BreathYoga Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork

BreathYoga Pear Cone Wave Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

BreathYoga Conscious Breath Holding

Conscious Breath

BreathYoga Ocean Breathing Ujjayi Breathing

Ocean Breathing